May 2, 2023

How Long Should Windows Last & When Should I Replace Them

Windows are a big part of any home, offering design and function. Like anything nowadays, windows become outdated, which can play a role in your home’s energy efficiency as well as impact your comfort.

You may wonder, “how long do windows last”? Or “When should I replace my windows”? There Is no expiration date, however, depending on the type of window, they could last up to 40 years. Wood windows typically last you at least 15-20 years before you need to consider replacing them. Vinyl and aluminum windows can last between 20-40 years.

That said, there are many reasons why someone may need to consider window glass replacement for a single window or two in their home or business, other than age. Below we have provided a list of items for you to consider, to understand if you need to replace a window.

When Should You Replace Your Windows?

  • Your windows are cracked or shattered – Not only will this impact your home’s energy efficiency but it becomes a safety hazard. Someone can cut themselves or worse, an intruder could enter your home easier.
  • Your windows begin to let outside air into the house – This can make the air inside your home uncomfortable, for example it can become warm and humid or dry and cold.
  • You noticed your utilities are higher and your AC/heating is working harder – With air coming into your home, your HVAC system needs to work overtime in efforts to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.
  • Condensation is building up – Condensation can impact the ability to see out your windows as well as introduce mold and water seepage into your home.
  • Looking to add value to your home – Windows, especially nowadays, have become a design element and also can offer extreme energy efficiency.

Window Glass Replacement Experts in the Chicagoland Area

If you are thinking about or in need of window replacement or repair, our experts can guide you to the perfect solution for your home or business. We install quality Insulated glass windows and work with a number of manufacturers so we can offer you the best options. Efficiency and affordability is always our top priority.

We work with Simonton and Casco Industries to be able to provide you with top quality windows. If you have any other questions regarding our window replacement services, feel free to send us a message or contact us directly at (630) 232-1200.


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