June 6, 2023

Considering a Glass Shower Door for a Tub

Have you fallen down the home renovation rabbit hole and can’t seem to get yourself out? With so many options out there and so many design inspirations surrounding us, it can be difficult to focus on some of the more affordable upgrades you can make to enhance your existing space.

How about a bathtub upgrade? One way to help keep costs down is to consider adding a glass shower door or partial panel to your existing tub. Custom tub-shower combos are beginning to trend as they offer functionality and aligns with modern day style.

5 Reasons Why a Glass Door for a Bathtub is a Good Idea

  • Keep your Floors Dry: It is hard to avoid with a shower curtain. Your arm hits the curtain and water falls to the floor or you realize the shower liner is outside the tub and soaking the floor. By adding a glass door to your tub, you have added a sealed layer of protection to block water from escaping.
  • Retain Heat: A glass door helps you enjoy a nicer, warmer, shower or bath by blocking cold air from coming in and preventing warm steamy air from escaping, giving you the ultimate “spa-like” experience.
  • Clean and More Hygienic: Shower curtains are made from soft materials which can retain moisture and ultimately become discolored, worn and moldy. This is something you do not need to consider with a glass shower door.
  • Clean Modern Look: A Simple and contemporary look in a bathroom is the hot thing right now and a glass door or panel can help make even the most traditional spaces feel more modern and fresh.
  • Timeless Investment: Rest easy knowing you made a smart investment into your home. Glass is a timeless design element that will always be in style and a custom glass shower can help raise your property’s value.

Glass Shower Door Installation for a Bathtub

We work with manufactures like C.R. Laurence and Splendor Shower Door, Inc to be able to build your dream shower or shower tub combo. If you have any other questions, feel free to send us a message contact us directly at (630) 232-1200.

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