February 4, 2023

What is an IGU (Insulated Glass Unit)

There are a number of different energy efficient window options nowadays, such as Thermopane glass, also known as, IGUs or Insulated Glass Units. An IGU window is constructed with two or more glass panes, separated with space filled with a form of air or gas. The gas layer helps disperses heat, which helps maintain the temperature within your home (or business) more efficiently during those hot summer and cold winter months.

Why IGUs are the Best Windows to Buy 

  • Improved energy efficiency of your home: IGUs act as a thermal barrier, allowing heat to be maintained more efficiently during the cold winter months and keep the air in your home or business cool during the warm winter months.
  • Money saving opportunity: With this improved efficiency, your heating and cooling systems will not have to work as hard, thus saving you money on your energy bill.
  • Dampens noise from getting in: With multiple, thick, layers of glass along with the gas layer between the glass panes, these windows reduce the level of noise from passing through.
  • Enhanced safety: With the airtight sealing in addition to having the multiple glass panes, IGU windows are tougher and harder to break than most other windows, which can provide peace of mind if you are faced with a major storm or even an outsider trying to enter your home.

Window Installation near Chicago

We work with multiple trusted glass supplies, such as Casco, Old Castle, Mid American to be able to offer our clients top quality at an affordable price. To Learn more about our Insulated Glass Unit Installation services, please message us through our website or contact us directly at (630) 232-1200.


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